Western Tanager

Green Feather Award at LitFest Pasadena

Los Angeles Audubon once again sponsored the Green Feather Award for eco-themed science fiction as part of The Tomorrow Prize which challenges Los Angeles County teens to explore social, scientific, and environmental issues of today through science fiction short story writing.

Western Tanager, Vol. 85 No. 6, Jul-Aug 2019

A Rainy Year Serves to Remind Us

A Rainy Year Serves to Remind Us

The significant amount of rain received in Southern California during this past winter was much in the news, and celebrated or bemoaned, depending on your point of view. The paucity of precipitation over the last several years left many Angelenos with distant memory of what a real rainstorm feels like, me included. Images of rain swollen rivers, landslides, road closures and flooded streets were dramatic reminders of the type of winter that had not been experienced for quite some time. In the aftermath, the much heralded “Super Bloom” of wildflowers brought people to the outdoors in droves.

Western Tanager, Vol. 85 No. 5, May-June 2019

Birds of the Season - February 2019

Birds of the Season - February 2019

December through February is that slow time of the bird year when nothing much of interest turns up, right?  In some years that statement may ring true, but it was hardly accurate this winter.  Some truly unexpected birds were found along with many lesser vagrants.  As usual plenty of continuing rarities were regularly reported at their respective locations.

Western Tanager, Vol. 85 No. 3, Jan-Feb 2019

In this issue

• Being Inspired by a Brand New Birder | Louis Tucker

•Making Some Noise, and Getting Results | Cindy Hardin

• INTERPRETING NATURE: New Community Connections | Ingrid Carrillo & Stacey Vigallon

• YOUNG BIRDERS: The Bird That Follows the Cones: The Red Crossbill (Loxia curvirostra) | Dessi Sieburth

• Birds of the Season | Jon Fisher

Western Tanager, Vol. 85 No. 2, Nov-Dec 2018

Japanese Sparrow Hawk | Photo by Chukiat Nualsri

Japanese Sparrow Hawk | Photo by Chukiat Nualsri


Western Tanager, Vol. 85 No. 2, November-December 2018

•Hawk Mountain of Thailand, By Linda Oberholtzer | Photos by: Chukiat Nualsri

•The Rufa Red Knot: A Long Distant Migrant Depends on the Delaware Bay, By Dessi Sieburth

•INTERPRETING NATURE: Connecting Science and the Spirit of Nature, By Arely Mendia Perez, Restoration & Education Staff Member; Stacey Vigallon, Director of Environmental Education

•BIRDS OF THE SEASON—October 2018, By Jon Fisher

•2018 End-of-Year Appeal, By Carol Babeli, Los Angeles Audubon’s Development Director

•Audubon California Assembly–Nov. 2-4, 2018