Western Tanager

Western Tanager, Jan-Feb 2019

In this issue

• Being Inspired by a Brand New Birder | Louis Tucker

•Making Some Noise, and Getting Results | Cindy Hardin

• INTERPRETING NATURE: New Community Connections | Ingrid Carrillo & Stacey Vigallon

• YOUNG BIRDERS: The Bird That Follows the Cones: The Red Crossbill (Loxia curvirostra) | Dessi Sieburth

• Birds of the Season | Jon Fisher

Western Tanager, Jul-Aug 2018

In this issue

• Book Review: The Dragonflies and Damselflies of Santa Barbara County, California | Kimball L. Garrett

•Green Feather Award Winner 2018: “Let Her Play” | Aisling Murray

• INTERPRETING NATURE: Baldwin Hills Greenhouse Program Research | Stacey Vigallon

• YOUNG BIRDERS: A New Discovery - Our Rufous Hummingbirds Molt in the Mexican Monsoonal Region | Dessi Sieburth

• Birds of the Season: June 2018 | Jon Fisher

Western Tanager, Nov-Dec 2016

In this issue

• Helping Birds Through Photography | Dessi Siebruth

•Western Snowy Plovers Past and Future in Coastal Los Angeles | Travis Longcore

• Ballona Docents Head South | Cindy Hardin

• State of California, Audubon California and Restoring the Salton Sea | Dessi Sieburth

• Birds of the Season | Jon Fisher

• Always Excited about your Firsts: The Chase | Louis Tucker

• Interpreting Nature: Celebrating Shorebirds | Joyce Realgeno

Western Tanager, Mar-Apr 2016

In this issue:

• Book Review: The Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling | Linda Oberholtzer

• Open Wetlands at Ballona: Everyone is Invited! | Cindy Hardin

• INTERPRETING NATURE: Susan Miller Dorsey High School EcoClub and Baldwin Hills Greenhouse Program | Ingrid Carrillo & Stacey Vigallon

• YOUNG AUTHORS: Why Field Notes Are Important | Dessi Sieburth

• Birds of the Season | Jon Fisher

Western Tanager, Sept-Oct 2013

In this issue

• Zuma Canyon Recoveries | Walter Sakai

• Identifying Confusing Vocalizations Using Sonograms and Song Structure | Tom Stephenson

• Education: It’s Not Just For Kids! | Cindy Hardin

• INTERPRETING NATURE: Exploring Nature in the City: Los Angeles Audubon’s First Summer Program for Middle School Students | Stacey Vigallon

• In Memoriam: Hanna Hayman

• Birds of the Season | Jon Fisher