Western Tanager, Vol. 83 No. 6, Jul-Aug 2018

In this issue

• Book Review: The Dragonflies and Damselflies of Santa Barbara County, California | Kimball L. Garrett

•Green Feather Award Winner 2018: “Let Her Play” | Aisling Murray

• INTERPRETING NATURE: Baldwin Hills Greenhouse Program Research | Stacey Vigallon

• YOUNG BIRDERS: A New Discovery - Our Rufous Hummingbirds Molt in the Mexican Monsoonal Region | Dessi Sieburth

• Birds of the Season: June 2018 | Jon Fisher

Comment on Draft EIS for Santa Susana Field Laboratory Remediation

The Department of Energy released a Draft Environmental Impact Statement covering Area IV and the Northern Buffer Zone of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory in January of 2017.  Los Angeles Audubon Society has submitted comments calling for a full cleanup committed to by the Department of Energy in 2010. The different options considered in the DEIS would leave as much as 39%, 91%, or 99% of the contamination on the site.

Western Tanager, Vol. 83 No. 2, Nov-Dec 2016

In this issue

• Helping Birds Through Photography | Dessi Siebruth

•Western Snowy Plovers Past and Future in Coastal Los Angeles | Travis Longcore

• Ballona Docents Head South | Cindy Hardin

• State of California, Audubon California and Restoring the Salton Sea | Dessi Sieburth

• Birds of the Season | Jon Fisher

• Always Excited about your Firsts: The Chase | Louis Tucker

• Interpreting Nature: Celebrating Shorebirds | Joyce Realgeno

Western Tanager, Vol. 82 No. 4, Mar-Apr 2016

In this issue:

• Book Review: The Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling | Linda Oberholtzer

• Open Wetlands at Ballona: Everyone is Invited! | Cindy Hardin

• INTERPRETING NATURE: Susan Miller Dorsey High School EcoClub and Baldwin Hills Greenhouse Program | Ingrid Carrillo & Stacey Vigallon

• YOUNG AUTHORS: Why Field Notes Are Important | Dessi Sieburth

• Birds of the Season | Jon Fisher

Western Tanager, Vol. 81 No. 1, Sept-Oct 2014

In this issue

• If You Have the Urge to Visit the Metropolitan New York Area | Louis Tucker

•Birds, Ballona and Block Printing | Cindy Hardin

• Interpreting Nature | IStacey Vigallon

• Seven Summits Women’s Team | Carol Babeli

• Birds of the Season | Jon Fisher

Western Tanager, Vol. 80 No. 1, Sept-Oct 2013

In this issue

• Zuma Canyon Recoveries | Walter Sakai

• Identifying Confusing Vocalizations Using Sonograms and Song Structure | Tom Stephenson

• Education: It’s Not Just For Kids! | Cindy Hardin

• INTERPRETING NATURE: Exploring Nature in the City: Los Angeles Audubon’s First Summer Program for Middle School Students | Stacey Vigallon

• In Memoriam: Hanna Hayman

• Birds of the Season | Jon Fisher