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Bird migration at Tejon Ranch

Leader: Louis Tucker. Visits to the Ranch are by special arrangement with escort only, as one could easily get lost on the web of gated dirt roads covering this huge working ranch.

Hopefully the ranch will have dried out by May from the winter storms we've so desperately needed. This is spring bird migration peak time. This will be a great time to see various passerine species: warblers, flycatchers, bluebirds, and other songbirds. There are resident Red-tails, Burrowing Owls, Golden Eagles, and Prairie Falcons, which are all out there to be found. Even Swainson's Hawks may be passing through or nesting! California Condor is also a possibility if it's a bright sunny day. There also is a chance of catching sight of some Pronghorn Antelope.

FRS radios and scopes useful.

We will meet at Denny's in Sylmar. Take the Roxford Exit off of the 5 Fwy. Denny's can be seen on the east side of the Fwy. 12861 Encinitas Ave. Sylmar. Be prepared to carpool and leave from there at 7 a.m. to be at the 300 St. West Gate at 8 am. At the gate at Tejon Ranch, we will transfer to the ranch vehicles, for a number of reasons - first and foremost, safety - as roads on the ranch can be treacherous. Bring lunch, as we will be out most of the day.

Any decision to cancel due to rain will be made at Denny's.

FEE: $20

SPOTS: 12 maximum (6 minimum); sign-up required

LIMITED SIGN-UPS: 12 participants only. HOW TO SIGN-UP: Please pre-register by pulling up the Tejon Ranch website at: / The Ranch / View All Events (bottom) / and click on May 11. Pay

$20 at this site with a credit card.

Then, contact Susan by e-mail at and inform her that your party is paid up for the trip. If you receive a fairly prompt email confirmation, you have made the cut! (NO drop-ins.) Include the email address, cell phone number and Zip Code for each participant.

For more information call: (323) 876-0202.