Urban Nature Resources

This page provides articles and information from our staff and other scientific and environmental organizations on environmentally-friendly urban living: tree trimming guidelines, hummingbird feeders, native plant landscaping, and more.



birding basics

from Cornell Ornithology

Watching how a bird acts, eats or flys, helps you learn to identify birds. One of the main skills to be acquired by the birder is learning to watch how a bird acts and to recognize certain behaviors. This site includes tips for beginners and information about how to use eBird.


Bird-friendly Tree Trimming

by Los Angeles Audubon Society

Los Angeles County has more than 350 species of birds that live, nest, or pass through during annual migrations, and there are more than 120 species that live here year-round. Therefore, maintaining adequate green space for birds is critical. Birds are beautiful, economically important, and they are a bellwether of the health of our environment.

Cooper's Hawk on metal bin eating Rock Pigeon Esperanza 11.07.17.jpg

loCAL BIRd faqs

from the Natural History Museum

Found an injured bird and not sure what to do? Want to know the difference between a crow and a raven? And where did all those green parrots in Pasadena come from? Click the link below to find answers to these questions and more!


LA County Bird List

by Kimball Garrett & Mike San Miguel

Have a look at this comprehensive list of the bird species of Los Angeles County.


native yard-scaping

produced by LAAS Student Interns

This set of recommendations takes the form of a comic book written and illustrated by our high school Greenhouse Program students, under the guidance of Director of Environmental Education Stacey Vigallon.

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Wildlife rehabilitation resources

Compiled by Los Angeles Audubon Society

Although Los Angeles Audubon Society (LAAS) does not attempt the rescue or rehabilitation of birds and other wildlife, we have compiled this list of other organizations and resources to provide hotline telephone numbers and online links to those seeking to provide help to injured birds and wildlife; or to report conditions that endanger birds, wildlife and water resources.


breeding bird atlas

Published by Los Angeles Audubon Society

Building on five years of volunteer surveying across the county, the Breeding Bird Atlas is an encyclopedic description of all of all birds ever nesting in Los Angeles County.  It is a must-have for anyone interested in the region's ecology and wanting to learn about bird nesting and breeding habits.

Plants for Birds

For information about utilizing native plants in your area to attract and benefit local birds.