Rare Bird Alert - May 31, 2019

Birds Mentioned:

White-winged Dove | American Oystercatcher | Sharp-tailed Sandpiper | Common Loon | Neotropic Cormorant | Yellow-crowned Night-Heron | Northern Harrier | Tropical Kingbird | Clay-colored Sparrow | Ovenbird | GRACE’S WARBLER | Summer Tanager |Rose-breasted Grosbeak
— Compiled by Jon L Fisher - JonF60@hotmail.com

This is the Los Angeles Rare Bird Alert for May 31.

A WHITE-WINGED DOVE was at Ken Malloy harbor Regional Park in Harbor City on May 26.  Continuing at the park through May 27 was a TROPICAL KINGBIRD.

An AMERICAN OYSTERCATCHER was at the San Pedro Fishing Pier (Cabrillo Beach) on May 25.

A SHARP-TAILED SANDPIPER was at the Piute Ponds on Edwards AFB from May 29-30.  It was seen on the north side of Thoreau Pond.  Remember that a letter of permission is necessary to enter this area.

A COMMON LOON was on the lake at Bonelli Regional Park in San Dimas on May 28 and a NEOTROPIC CORMORANT was at Bonelli through May 29 close to the north shore.  Two were present on May 27.

A YELLOW-CROWNED NIGHT-HERON was at Alamitos Bay in Long Beach (adjacent to Mother’s Beach Boat Dock) on May 23.

Late or lingering NORTHERN HARRIERS were at the Ballona Wetlands near Playa Vista on May 26 and at Colorado Lagoon in Long Beach on May 27.

A CLAY-COLORED SPARROW was at Kenneth Hahn SRA in Baldwin Hills on May 29.

An OVENBIRD was at the West San Gabriel River Parkway Nature Trail in Lakewood on May 25.  It was north of Monte Verde Park and south of Del Amo, along the fence backing the row of houses.

A GRACE’S WARBLER continued at Charlton Flat through May 30.  It moves around the flat (picnic area), but is usually singing.  It has been fairly consistent near parking area 3.

A male SUMMER TANAGER was near Sycamore Flat Campground in the San Gabriel Mountains from May 27-30.  It was about four tenths of a mile downstream from the campground.

A ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK was on San Clemente Island on May 28 and a MAGNOLIA WARBLER was found there on May 31.


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