Vol. 84 No. 5

Western Tanager, Vol. 84 No. 5, May-Jun 2018


Western Tanager, Vol. 84 No. 5, May-June 2018

  • Snowy Plover Conservation Program Faces An Uncertain Future

  • YOUNG BIRDERS: A Striking African Bird in Los Angeles County: The Pin‐tailed Whydah (Vidua macroura), By Dessi Sieburth

  • INTERPRETING NATURE: Using science fiction to envision the future, By Stacey Vigallon, Director of Environmental Education

  • Birds of The Season—April 2018, By Jon Fisher

  • INTERVIEW: Allow Me the Honor To Introduce To You: Irwin Woldman, By Louis Tucker

  • Least Tern Monitoring At Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge, By Carolyn Vance, USFWS Volunteer, Seal Beach NWR